Monday, 17 August 2015

Class not found: com.mchange.v2.ser.Indirector

I was trying to setup CAS server for Liferay CE 6.2  based on "Liferay 6.x Portal Enterprise Intranets Cookbook" but stumbled with the above error. I did follow all the steps diligently, but I guess the author might have missed additional library to add to ${TOMCAT_HOME}/webapps/cas-server-webapp-4.0.0/WEB-INF/lib that is "mchange-commons-java".

I quickly search for this library in my machine if any as I was so lazy to search in out in google and found it in Liferay's tomcat bundle under webapps/ROOT/WEB-IF/lib folder.

Tips: You may want to use find command in Centos (or any linux-based OS) search by filename with "sudo find / -name 'mchange-commons-java*' -print".

I hope that helps someone outthere.

Happy Godek'king!

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